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Tents – There are many things which need to be considered when selecting a tent for any occasion. Tent City Rentals has a wide variety of tents starting from 10ft x 10ft to 40ft x 100ft. We can also provide customized sizes according to your event needs.

Tent Liners – Tent Liners are beautiful pieces of soft, sheer fabric specially cut to fit the interior ceiling of our 30 and 40 wide tent and give our tents a beautiful finish. When you order a tent liner you also significantly reduce your decorating costs.

Tent Sidewalls– We also provide side walls for our tents which are attachable vinyl material (the same as our tent tops) which can be attached to the sides of the tents to provide privacy. Our sidewalls also have special cut outs to allow for the tent to be Air Conditioned.

Velcro/Glass Doors– For further privacy and full enclosure of our tents we also provide Velcro or Glass Doors. Velcro doors are made of the same material as the tent and are pulled apart for entry/exit. Our Glass doors are solid structures with a French door design. They are specially engineered to be attached to the tent and side walls.

Generators- Tent City offers generators for both domestic and commercial use to provide reliable electricity for your event.

Platforms– We offer platforms to act as flooring for underneath our tents. These platforms are great for dance floors are available in various sizes and dimensions, as per the specifications of our customers. Our platforms are 6 inches off the ground and are of ply board material painted black. We understand that this may not be ideal for all our customers so we have no problem if you wish to cover our platforms with a material of your choice including carpet. Keeping you in mind!

Tables and Chairs- Tables and chairs are necessary for every occasion. At Tent City, we are able to provide you with tables and chairs of various sizes and designs for your event. We partner with select companies who help us to provide our customers with these services at competitive and special rates. If you require tables and chairs alone, we would be happy to refer to our select partners.

A/C Units – Tent City rentals can also provide our customers with Air Conditioning units to cool any of our tents. These A/C units are perfect for any event and can be fitted into the window sections of our sidewalls. Each A/C unit can cool up to 30ft of space. When booking an A/C unit be sure to tell us how many persons you are expecting to be inside the tent so that we can quote you on the proper number a\of A/C units. Also, when booking any of our A/C units, while it is not a requirement, it is best to also book our generator as this will ensure proper efficiency of the A/C units. If another generator is being used we will not take responsibility should the A/C units not cool properly and customers are fully reliable for any damages to our A/C Units.

Special Note – We do not stock tents for sale however can and are more than happy to bring in any size tent for our customers on special order.

*Disclaimer: *Tent Liners, Side walls, Velcro/Glass doors and A/C Units are accessories to our tents and are not available for rental on their own.

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